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Dokken - Indiana

I had heard of Tamaskans but ran across pictures and info. on a puppy site. This led to extensive research about them and of course their appearance was awe inspiring. Honestly I watched some of the videos of the Tamaskans on the Blustag site and got a great feel for them, especially some of the interactions with Danielle. So I expected an intelligent puppy, easy to train, with a sweet nature that truly looked like a majestic wolf -- that's exactly what I got in Jake/Dokken! Jake/Dokken was very playful and full of energy from being in his travel crate for the flight from Blustag . But it didn't take long for the little guy to tire out and fall asleep. He did great.

After adopting one Tamaskan I was so impressed with the breed that I thought it would be great fun to have another. But it was just a thought...until I checked back to the Blustag site and I saw Jake. And oh my gosh, he was available! After seeing how George developed I could easily imagine Jake as a full grown adult Tamaskan. He was in my perception he was an exceptional looking puppy I could not pass up. Jake was renamed Dokken and now it's George and Dokken and before long they'll both be hanging out together as big guys. They are a delight.

Some of the pictures show the two of them playing together for the first time. I wanted Jake/Dokken to get a little bigger first as I knew that George would play the Alpha to show Dokken who was the leader here. George was very sweet and played with Dokken in a way that was clearly controlled. He let him know he was 'The Man' but he was gentle in how he handled him. That impressed me a lot. While they play very well with the Labs we have around I think there is and will be more of a "common wave length" between George and Dokken. They both are on the same page with a high level of awareness and intelligence.

Having worked with many dogs before, I've seen some interesting differences in and with the Tamaskans. They are very intelligent. They solve problems by clearly thinking things through in ways many dogs do not. They also use their paws a great deal to get toys and food, etc. in ways most dogs do not. George also handles cold weather much better than our other dogs.

I give Kevin and Danielle a lot of credit for what they have accomplished with Tamaskans. Blustag Tamaskans are far and away the leaders in US Tamaskans. They are improving the breed, a very young breed at that. For those that do research, do remember it's the Internet and there can be a whole lot of bad information as well as good information.

Tamaskans bred by Blustag are dogs and puppies that represent "the bar" to shoot for in coat, build and temperament. And again, what Kevin and Danielle are accomplishing, the commitment required is staggering. Other breeders of Tamaskans can only hope to equal what Blustag has done with the breed. And without commitment to the breed and it's improvement and establishment it cannot happen. Oh, and for the record: Blustag is in no way a "puppy mill." I know what these are, I've seen them and Blustag has standards far beyond something like that.

Thank you Blustag Tamaskan for having a dream and for pursuing it. There are dozens and dozens of us that have adopted these Tamaskan dogs and we know first-hand how amazing they are in a variety of ways. George and Dokken have already gone far beyond what I could have hoped for and when you factor in the striking looks of these two: Incredible!

Sincerly, Kenny Ramp
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