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Testimonial Detail

Lexi - Georgia

A house is not a HOME without a dog. And two is better than one.

After losing our Golden Retrievers to old age, we realized how empty the house felt, and subsequently got Lexi (Blustag Lexi). Lexi from the first day on impressed us with her intelligence, friendliness, and beautiful looks. She continues to be the nearly perfect dog. But she did suffer from separation anxiety, not liking to be left alone (a Tamaskan thing).

So we got Cooper (a.k.a. Alex). He is the most loving, adorable puppy. He doesn't know anyone that he doesn't like. Tail wags to the point of whole body wagging. Lots and lots of kisses. He's an excellent eater - indeed we haven't found ANYTHING he won't eat. He is now about 50 pounds (at six months age) and nearly matching Lexi (14 months) in size, and looking very much like his parents (surprise, surprise). Very well behaved, but not as inquisitive as Lexi. She remains the 'trouble maker' .. can open doors, either IN or OUT, but has not mastered the deadbolt or she'd be outside playing. She loves the outdoors, the deer, the squirrels, etc.

Both dogs love playing together (and with their BFF, a German Shepherd next door) on our large deck/porch, or in the road (under supervision, of course). Stalking, chase, pounce, and of course keep-away and tug are prime activities. Lexi mentors Cooper for all the dog/wolf behaviours. Both have made friends with our cat (she's always been dog-friendly).

Cooper loves the water, doing 'cannon ball' dives into a small 'wading pool', and also into our koi pond (NOT encouraged). He likes riding in the car, as you said his mother did. Lexi now enjoys/tolerates car rides, where she did not before Cooper. It may help that now she can sit up and see out the window. And with her companion is much happier with the separation .. though still does not like her crate. He does.

Two of the best companions anyone could wish for. Lexi and Cooper.
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